Friday, March 18, 2011

Welcome !!!

Welcome Brothers and Sisters to my Blog Site. This is a first for me but, we should have a fun ride. Let's start off with FAST Paks (aka RIT Paks). What modifications have your company made to this great piece of equipment?
In my company we have added a short piece of utility cord and small (key chain size) biner to the low pressure hose. This device, when clipped into the downed firefighter prevents the facepiece from being pulled off. We have also added 2"key rings to the lower set of facepiece straps. This aids in the donning procedure on the down firefighter. In the back of the head net, we have used either a piece of webbing or a short piece of garden hose to create a pull handle, This works great when trying to get the head net of the RIT/ FAST facepiece onto the downed firefighter.
There are pictures in my article in the latest Urban Firefighter and also in the First Edition of 2011's WNYF. Hope to see you all in Indy. My Truck Company Ops Class is Tues pm and my Tower Ops Class is Thursday, Come on by....

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